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Karen West 

Author. Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

‘If there’s a doubt, I can’t help but worry. It’s life or death. It’s not as simple as the flick of a coin.’

Stephanie dreams of being accepted into art school but questions her talent. She has a major crush on the hottest boy in school and is desperate for him to notice her. But when Steph’s mother unexpectedly gets ill, Steph meets Richard and feels an instant attraction, but he is damaged and finds it difficult to share the events surrounding his brother’s death.

Steph struggles to work through the complexities of life, love and death. She becomes increasingly obsessed with helping her mother before it’s too late. When things spin out of control, she thinks she’s going crazy …

Living Voice is a highly engaging read for teens, around the topics of family, illness, death and organ donation.

The characters immediately come across as authentic, especially the narrator, Steph – a mature young adult, displaying a strong sense of agency, and realistic emotional behaviour for her age. - Children's Book Council of Australia - Reading Time review

“This narrative is an effective page-turner that personalises and dramatises the important social issue of organ donation, in a very readable, resonant style that will appeal (primarily) to female teenage readers. The romantic subplot is handled confidently and is an added bonus. There’s a neat ending around this relationship that is satisfying, and unexpected.” – Stephen Measday, YA Author

“… it is not only an enjoyable read for teens but particularly educational. [West] was able to help the reader understand the different perspectives of all the characters involved…The creation of a website where people could voice their consent would be amazing and thought-provoking, and would generate much discussion.” – Julie Edwards, Transplant Australia

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